Orthotics in Perth

Whether it’s a persistent pain in your back or a slight soreness somewhere else, you may not realise or even recognise that your feet can be the cause of a number of physical problems. Common conditions include where the foot rolls in or out (low and high arches) as well as those with flat feet or arches. As the foot is the foundation of the human body, it’s important to ensure that they’re correctly aligned and moving effectively. If you’re experiencing any of these conditions or other pain or soreness in your feet, you may want to consider custom orthotics in Perth made by The Foot Clinic.

What Are Orthotics?

Also known as custom shoe insoles or orthopaedic shoe inserts, orthotics are therapeutic devices specially designed by Podiatrists to realign the position of your feet. They work by sitting in the soles of your shoes and provide support to areas which may not be receiving enough and may be causing incorrect alignment. Unlike store bought orthotics, our custom orthotics are developed especially for your feet and are moulded for your individual shape. Wearing custom orthotic shoes has not only been shown to improve the way our feet feel, but they can also alleviate other issues associated with incorrect foot alignment.

Benefits of Orthotic Shoes in Perth

For people suffering with foot injuries, discomfort or for those with foot ulcerations, orthotics might be the perfect solution for you. Orthopaedics have found orthotic shoes have helped for a number of conditions including:

• Plantar fasciitis – commonly associated with heel pain.
• Achilles tendonitis – resulting from an overuse of the Achilles tendon.
• Shin splints – acute pain in the shin or lower leg, usually from running.
• Chondromalacia patella – inflammation of the patella (knee-cap)

Orthotic shoes can also help to avoid arthritic and diabetic ulcerations.

Which Orthotics Do I Need?

Contrary to popular belief, not all orthotics shoes are the same and the difference does matter. Prefabricated orthotics in Perth can be bought in shoe stores, drug stores and sporting goods stores however, these generally don’t provide the same level of support or care that custom orthotics do. In fact, in some cases, mass-produced shoe inserts can actually make the problem worse.

With a bit of trial and error, you can have the necessary adjustments made to give you the best orthotic shoe fit. Good communication is the key to success with orthotics. Without accurate feedback on how well you feel with your orthotics, it’s hard to make the proper adjustments to your shoes that lead to success with orthotics.

To determine whether orthotic shoes are a good option for you, our specialists will need to run some simple tests. They will usually ask you to stand still or walk on a computerised pad to find the high pressure points in your foot based on your body distribution. Next, our specialist will analyse the results to determine how your weight distribution and stance affect your entire body. If a specific part of your foot is overly strong, the specialist might recommend corrective orthotics.

Orthotic Shoes in Perth – The Foot Clinic

Researchers believe that foot health is essential to overall health for the rest of our body. Even though orthotic devices can’t cure an earache, they do help with problems that arise from the foot and leg. Orthotic devices at The Foot Clinic are custom designed to increase your overall function and fit your needs by taking the pressure off of your feet.

Located in Cottesloe, The Foot Clinic are one of WA’s leading family and sports podiatry practices. If you’re in need of orthotic shoes in Perth, be sure to contact us today.