Podiatrist Fremantle

Whether you are suffering from pain caused by corns, calluses, skin problems or musculoskeletal issues, The Foot Clinic is here to help patients across Fremantle and Perth metro area move freely again. Our Podiatrists are trained to identify the root cause of your pain and fix it fast. Our 3 step process uses the latest evidence based methods and has been tried and tested on many conditions, with consistently awesome results.
Podiatrist Fremantle

The bridegroom's story

Just six weeks before his wedding, Michael, a patient with a condition that caused his leg muscles to waste away, came to see us.He was in tears because he could barely walk due to his foot pain, his toes were deformed, and he was afraid of not being able to walk down the aisle with his wife on their wedding day. The first step was to fix his pain by removing the huge corns and calluses that were on the balls of his feet. Then we had to protect his feet, so we arranged a pair of custom-made orthotics and modified shoes to make it easier for him to walk. This meant he could actually do some weight bearing strengthening exercises to ensure he would be strong enough on his wedding day. He said it was life changing, and the fact that Michael invited my wife and I to his wedding day and reception was awesome! I got to witness first hand his joy at being able to walk down the aisle with his wife, and thank me during his speech for enabling such an important moment for him. It’s times like that which inspires us, energises us, and justifies our commitment to go above and beyond for every person who walks through our door.

Dr Suresh Sivacolundhu

General podiatrist Fremantle

When a patient visits The Foot Clinic, they can expect to receive a warm welcome by all members of staff. Every person in the clinic is focused on getting to know the person and every podiatrist is focused on understanding the real cause of the problem.

“It’s a collaborative approach” says Dr Suresh, “we get together every week to discuss our cases. We have this team approach so we can share the challenging cases get better outcomes for everyone.”

And it’s not simply about solving the superficial problem; it’s about helping patients to move freely. Whether that’s walking down the aisle, running, playing tennis, or just domestic duties at your own your home, The Foot Clinic’s podiatrists are there to help you achieve your goals.

Skin & Nail vs Muscle & Joint

The first goal of the Podiatrists at The Foot Clinic is to sort out your pain. The cause of that pain can vary from skin and nail problems such as ingrown toenails to muscle and joint problems. Often these are caused by corns and calluses, but also by postural instability which includes a change to joint positions, and muscular activity.


Patients who live in Fremantle who are looking for a podiatrist to deal with skin and nail problems may also really appreciate the holistic approach at The Foot Clinic. Their highly experienced Podiatrists will address hard skin, fungal nails, and warts issues. The Foot Clinic also uses different, innovative techniques to deal with skin and nail issues, with the purpose of addressing those skin and nail problems faster and more effectively.

Podiatrist Fremantle skin and nail problems


Problems such as a callus, corn or cracked heel can either affect how people walk or can in fact be the symptoms of how people walk. Treating those hard skin issues can make you feel lighter on your feet. But that’s just part of the approach The Foot Clinic’s podiatrists take. They also carry out Foot-To-Core Integration exercises to assist muscles and joints to work properly. This strengthening exercise also helps prevent problems from coming back.

Sports Podiatrist Fremantle

The Foot Clinic’s podiatrists have a particular interest in sports. Suresh has worked with a number of elite sports teams, including the Wallabies, the Raiders and Peel Thunder.
“We believe in having fun and helping our patients to have fun,” he says. “It doesn’t have to be elite sports, I also love watching people go for a run along the path at Leighton Beach or at South Fremantle beach. By the way, once you have your basic foot strength, it’s a good idea to take off your shoes and to run on the beach. We are always keen to bring new foot strengthening ideas to our clinic to help you get the most out of your sports and out of your life.”
Dr Suresh Sivacolundhu
Podiatrist Fremantle Dr Suresh Sivacolundhu

Learn more about our sports podiatrists and how the clinic’s podiatrists help you avoid pain and discomfort, improve your performance and posture, or deal with sports injuries.

The Foot Clinic Difference

The Foot Clinic serves its Fremantle patients with a clear protocol: Fix your pain, protect and strengthen your feet.

“We get deep into the diagnosis of what the problem is, what caused it and what we can do to fix it,” Suresh says. “It’s important to get our patients down to a pain score of 0, but that’s not where it ends. We then need to make sure the problem doesn’t come back. We are comprehensive and that can take time, but the feedback we get is that patients love what we are doing. Knowing we are doing a good job for our patients is what motivates us.”

Podiatrist Fremantle

When you first visit The Foot Clinic, your podiatrist will assess you thoroughly. This might take an hour to make sure your assessment is comprehensive. You will then come in for a follow-up visit so we can ensure your problem is fixed. In some cases, if a management program is needed there may be several follow-up appointments over a year. The Foot Clinic also sets itself apart with its money back guarantee if patients aren’t satisfied.
The Foot Clinic treats everyone, offering children’s podiatry as well as treatment for adults. We help patients across the Perth metro area and Fremantle, Suresh says. Most of our patients come from Fremantle, South Fremantle, Claremont, Swanbourne, Peppermint Grove, Nedlands and Cottesloe.
Dr Suresh Sivacolundhu, podiatrist Perth
Podiatrist Fremantle Dr Suresh Sivacolundhu

How To Get Here?

The Foot Clinic is located conveniently in Cottesloe Central on the ground floor. If you parked underground and are not fully mobile due to a foot injury, we encourage you to use the escalators.

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From Fremantle:
Take the Stirling Highway towards Perth City. Then turn right on Leake Street to enter the Cottesloe Central undercover parking lot, where there is plenty of parking.

Using Transperth Rail:
Use the Fremantle line to Cottesloe, then walk 350  towards Cottesloe Central at 460 Stirling Highway.

Our Podiatrists are looking forward to helping you