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At The Foot Clinic we have learned a number of foot facts over
our years of experience, treatment and research.

The average person will walk 128,000kms in a lifetime, the equivalent to three times around the world.

Foot pain can be a sign of systemic disease. 20% of rheumatoid arthritis cases and 35% of stress fractures occur in the feet.


We have treated patients with a range of problems. Everything from an ingrown toenail to more advanced conditions affecting posture and balance. Read more about the types of problems we can assist you with.



There are a number of treatments available at The Foot Clinic and what treatment you need, will be dependant on what type of problem you are experiencing. Read more about our type of treatments.


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  • More than 60% of Australians have suffered foot pain in their lifetime, two thirds of those in the last 12 months. Yet only a fraction of those people, two out of five, sought professional treatment for their pain.
  • 30% of those surveyed had experienced foot pain in the last week.
  • Foot pain was equally common to both men and women.
  • Foot pain is experienced by people across the age spectrum but the older a person is, the more likely she/he is to have experienced foot pain. For example, more than half of people aged 50 and over had experienced foot pain in the year as compared to 35% of people aged 18-24.
  • Younger people are less likely to seek professional treatment for foot pain (only 10%) than older people (half of those aged 50 and over had sought professional treatment).

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