Heel Spurs Treatment (Plantar Fasciitis)

Suresh Sivacolundhublog

What exactly are heel spurs?

If you have had the typical intense heel pain, after a period of rest as you were standing up, then you know all about it. Its medical term is plantar fasciitis, after the plantar fascia. You may have had a “pins and needles” symptom in your heel, and if you do experience this, it’s recommended to see your podiatrist for a check-up.

At The Foot Clinic we use our experience in the treatment of heel and ankle pain to provide excellent care in our state-of-the-art podiatry clinic in Cottesloe Central.

heel spurs
heel spurs

How can heel spurs be treated?

The good news is that your team of podiatrists here at The Foot Clinic can treat plantar fasciitis or heel spurs without the need for any surgery. The first important step is to have your foot assessed by one of our podiatrists.

If your heel pain is worse first thing in the morning, as you get out of bed, then this may be an typical indication of a heel spur. It’s important to attend to it promptly, to make sure that the heel pain doesn’t become chronic.

At The Foot Clinic, we will focus on relieving the pain you may be experiencing. Based on your diagnose, we may use MLS Laser Therapy to help your body heal at cellular level. Other elements of your treatment plan may include the use of custom orthotics and a customised exercise program. We use the latest technology to relieve pain rapidly, because we know that you may have suffered from heel pain for quite a while...and all you can think about is getting rid of it!

Understanding heel spurs

Our podiatrists will assess your condition and propose a treatment plan to alleviate the pain and get you back on your feet. With plantar fasciitis, the pain is caused by an inflammation. The plantar fascia is a band of fibrous tissue, running along the bottom of your foot. When this is stretched excessively or torn, it causes the typical pain associated with heel spurs.

heel spurs

About heel spurs and orthotics

Sometimes custom insoles are part of the treatment plan for a heel spur.  We use them to help your body heal, optimising the position of your foot as you move. Custom orthotics keep your foot in the position we want to hold it in so we reduce any type of excessive pressure.

At The Foot Clinic we work out a treatment plan adapted to your needs. We have a wide range of treatments available, and we build on our expertise working with thousands of patients and customer in different environments: from helping people recover from injury, to improving the performance of professional athletes.

So if you need urgent help with your heel pain, or if you feel you may suffer from heel spurs, contact The Foot Clinic today and book your appointment with our team of friendly and experienced podiatrists.