The Foot Clinic podiatrists are experts in diagnosing and treating
common foot conditions of our Perth clients.

mechanical Assessment

At The Foot Clinic we use it to analyse how the various structures of your foot work together.

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Naboso Proprioceptive Insoles

Textured insoles which improve proprioceptive & neuromuscular stimulation to the skin of the feet.

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Postural & Balance Strengthening

Skin and nail problems are
common foot conditions
that we can help you with
at The Foot Clinic.

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Skin and Nail Treatments

Skin and nail treatments are part of the range of podiatry services we offer at The Foot Clinic.

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Orthotics are used in podiatry
to support your feet.

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Swift Warts Treatment

Non-invasive warts treatment offered at The Foot Clinic.

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Power Plate

Power Plate treatment uses a whole body vertical vibration platform, which research shows supercharges our balance mechanism.



Physitrack is an integrated exercise program we use at The Foot Clinic, to prescribe and to track your exercises.


Thor Laser

Thor Laser Therapy uses
infrared light, to trigger healing
at the cellular level in your body.


Foot Mobilisation

Foot Mobilisation Techniques is a treatment option that consists of manipulation by your podiatrist.

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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic foot care is crucial, because of the risks of complications in your feet, as a diabetes patient.

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