Skin and Nail Treatments

Skin and nail treatments are part of the range of podiatry services we offer at The Foot Clinic. If you have hard, painful layers of skin (corns and calluses), or a hard lump on your foot (bunions), fragile nails or infected toenails, your podiatrist can help you reduce the discomfort and any inflammation that you may have. Sometimes treating these symptoms requires specialised equipment, and self-treatment is not always possible. At The Foot Clinic we will look at your overall health: often a skin or nail condition is linked to other podiatry related problems. If your posture, footwear or lifestyle needs adjustment, your podiatrist will help you with recommendations based on our large experience in all areas of podiatry.

Types of Skin and Nail Treatments

Wart Treatments

Skin and nail treatments focusing on warts will focus on removing the infected skin. Your podiatrist might use liquid nitrogen to freeze the infected area, or might use a burning technique to remove the unwanted skin. Minor surgery is also used, to cut out the wart. For large or deep warts, your treatment may need to be repeated after a few weeks.

nail treatments
nail treatments

Skin and Nail Problems

We see patients experiencing many types of skin and nail problems; ingrown toenails, fungal nail infections, corns and calluses are some of the common conditions we treat.


Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot Care is crucial for patients who have been diagnosed with Diabetes. Often skin and nail problems are associated with diabetic patients.


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nail treatments

Fungal Infection Treatments

Fungal infections and fungal toenails can be treated using topical or oral treatments depending on the severity of the infection. We prefer using a urea based chemical avulsion to immediately remove all the fungal nail and then initiate a topical compound treatment to prevent it from returning as your healthy nail grows out. Alternatively, if oral medication is needed, we can perform in-clinic diagnostic tests to confirm the infection and send it to your GP which is required for the prescription.

Ingrown Toenail Treatments and Nail Surgery

Our skin and nail treatments also include treatment of ingrown toenails. The ingrown part of a nail can cause painful inflammation, and your podiatrist will first focus on removing the ingrown part, to then treat the damaged skin. Next, we will dress the damaged skin to prevent infection.

Do I need nail surgery? Depending on the stage and severity, your podiatrist can treat ingrown toenails in a few different ways. Dr Suresh Sivacolundhu explains all treatment options here: When Do I Need Nail Surgery?

Callus, Corn and Cracked Heel Treatments

This type of treatment is all about removing excessive dead skin. Because these skin problems are often caused by inappropriate shoes, your podiatrist will make recommendations so you can adjust your footwear. If the uneven pressure causes calluses and corns, then our team may prescribe orthotics, to rebalance the pressure. In addition, we may give you a topical cream, to keep your skin soft and flexible in that area.

nail treatments

Wound and Ulcer Treatments

Some of our skin and nail treatments are designed to help you with wounds and ulcers. The podiatrist will remove any dead or damaged tissue from your foot. Then, to promote healthy tissue growth, we may pad certain areas of your foot to protect them from irritation, in combination with topical or oral antibiotics if needed.

nail treatments

What to expect

At The Foot Clinic Perth (Cottesloe Central), we always start with a thorough and detailed diagnosis. We look at you as a whole person and check your medical history or any preexisting conditions you may have. We will ask about injuries, lifestyle or allergies, and may use X-Rays or pathology reports to give you the most comprehensive summary of your condition.

Then, we will recommend and explain treatment options. At The Foot Clinic, we use the latest technology for our skin and nail treatments, and our team of experienced podiatrists builds on decades of experience in all podiatry areas.

Why choose The Foot Clinic

At The Foot Clinic we look at your feet, with the intention to "fix them". But we also look at the bigger picture. We use bio-mechanical assessments to check your walking pattern. This gives us valuable information on pressure and posture problems you may have, which sometimes act as an underlying cause of skin and nail problems. We are very passionate about giving you the best possible care, so you can use your healthy feet and enjoy their optimal function. In other words, it's our mission to build better bodies, from the feet up, and you can count on us to offer you the highest level of service in our Cottesloe Central clinic.


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