Wearing in your New Orthotics

We recommend that you wear your orthotics in gradually for the first 2-4 weeks. A successful approach for most people is one hour of use (low impact activity, not running) the first day and increasing use by one hour each day.

Wearing in time is not the same for everyone. If you feel that your orthotics become uncomfortable after a period of use, take them out for either a few hours or for the rest of the day. 

Be sure to contact your podiatrist if you have any concerns regarding this, or if you have not been able to get used to your orthotics within 2 weeks. 

Follow your Treatment Plan

If you have been prescribed stretches, exercises or other treatments (i.e. icing, medications), these are an important part of your treatment. Failure to follow your plan means you may find it more difficult to get used to your orthotics.

Sports & Orthotics

Make sure you can wear your orthotics all day before using them for sports or other high impact activities. You may wish to keep your sports shoe liners with you in case you need to change out of your orthotics during the first few weeks of use. 

Cleaning your Orthotics

Your orthotics may be cleaned with soap and lukewarm water. Make sure the orthotics are completely dry before inserting back into your shoes.


It is important to discuss the types of shoes you may wear with your podiatrist.

• Some shoe designs are too low cut at the heel to be suitable to wear with orthotics, and this will cause your heel to slip out of your shoes.

• If the orthotics cause an audible squeaking in your shoes, try wiping the edges of the device with talcum powder. If this does not help then arrange a review appointment with your podiatrist as your orthotics may need a minor adjustment.

Orthotic Reviews

Your Podiatrist will advise you on the frequency of your orthotic reviews.
It is very important to attend these appointments to ensure that everything is working fine and to address any issues that may occur. A review appointment will be arranged for 4 weeks, however other reviews may be required depending on your individual circumstances.