Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment Cottesloe

What causes an ingrown toenail?

An ingrown toenail occurs as the result of your nail protruding into the side of your skin adjacent to the nail. There are numerous causes for ingrown nails but it is recommended to see your local podiatrist for the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of the problem.

Sometimes a toenail starts growing inwards because of your gait, and this is why our bio-mechanical assessments at The Foot Clinic are invaluable, to analyse the movement of your feet, ankles and legs. In some cases, we have seen patients who - because of the way they walk - put excessive pressure on one of their toenails, causing an ingrown toenail if nothing is done about their foot positioning.

So what can be done about my ingrown toenail?

If you suffer from an ingrown toenail, chances are that you are more interested in what can be done, to get rid of the inconvenience and the pain.

Our team here at The Foot Clinic Perth helps you with a wide range of foot & leg related symptoms and conditions. Toe pain being one of the common podiatry needs, we can definitely help you reduce the pain.

In most cases, the treatment consists of “cutting out” the ingrown toenail, in a way that doesn’t cause you any additional discomfort. If you have recurrent ingrown toenails, we can perform a minor surgical procedure at our state-of-the-art podiatry clinic in Cottesloe Central, so you get rid of the problem and no longer suffer from ingrown toenails.

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General foot care and why it matters

Podiatry and general foot care help you take good care of this essential part of your body: your feet. In our body, everything is connected and a minor problem with your feet can influence the entire “chain”. Because we adapt our gait and our foot positioning as soon as we start feeling discomfort, we also influence the pressure on the joints in our ankles, knees, hip and even in our lower back.

This is why we recommend to look after your feet and to take action even if the discomfort is caused by a small problem such as an ingrown toenail.

130,000 km without maintenance? No way!

The average human being walks (or runs) about 130,000 km over the course of a lifetime. Maintaining optimal foot health is essential to make this lifelong journey as comfortable and effective as possible. At The Foot Clinic, we believe in building better bodies from the feet up.

That’s because everything is connected, and because our feet absorb most of the shocks as we go through our daily lives: whether it’s a leisurely stroll, a daily run or an intense hobby involving sports and performance.

The Foot Clinic Perth is located conveniently at Cottesloe Central. We’re a very enthusiastic and experienced team, and we thrive on helping you enjoy your feet whilst taking good care of them. From skin and nail treatments to a full biomechanical assessment to measure your foot pronation and positioning. From performance advice for athletes, to diabetic foot care and FMT (foot mobilisation therapy or resetting the boney position of your feet). If you have any concern at all, come and see us at The Foot Clinic and we’ll be happy to take good care of you and your feet!


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