Sports Injury Management Essentials


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How to manage sports injuries and get back on your feet, fast.

Why sports injury management matters

In sports injury management, the podiatrist often plays a crucial role. That’s because many sports injuries involve our feet or ankles, which can significantly affect our ability to move. Without proper management, it can make playing sport difficult.

sports injury management

As podiatrists working with sports people (whether it’s top level and competitive or just recreational), we focus on optimising your recovery time frame: The journey goes from “acute pain” to “pain level zero” to "optimal performance”. At The Foot Clinic, Perth in Cottesloe Central, we build on decades of high level work with elite athletes and sports people and we have a particular interest - and extensive experience - in sports injury management.

Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games

We have built our experience in unique circumstances. Team members have assisted athletes at The Olympic Games and at the Commonwealth Games. And as you can imagine, getting the recovery time frame right is crucial in this type of environment. It has given us the experience and the confidence to help our Perth patients on a daily basis, managing a wide range of sports injury types and helping them get back to their favourite sports or activity within the shortest possible time frame.

sports injury management

Even if your activity is participating in the local fun run, we know how disappointing a minor sports injury can be. So we know that it’s not just about the symptom. It’s about your social life around doing sports, around the experience you look forward to.

And - having worked with sports people throughout our career - we know that urge to get back to your activity. 

And to get back to the performance level where you were before you got injured. In simple words: we know what you’re going through, when we discuss your treatment plan.

Reducing pain & getting you back on your feet

To reduce the pain caused by your sports injury, our team of podiatrists will start with an in-depth assessment and diagnosis. Our first mission is to reduce pain and then inflammation. This can be done with infrared light and MLS Laser Therapy which numerous research studies show is very effective in its ability to induce analgesia, reduce inflammation, and promote healing. We often lose our normal range of motion after an injury and the joints become stiff and restricted. This is a significant risk factor for re-injury, so we use Foot Mobilisation Techniques to reset the bones in your feet, improve range of motion immediately and to activate the neuromuscular system in your feet. Further neuromuscular or proprioceptive activation is then accomplished using a 35Hz whole body vertical vibration platform, or Power Plate.

Why passionate podiatry matters

Our team has a particular enthusiasm and passion for podiatry. We are very clear about why we love doing what we do. Whether we help you with a sports injury management programme, or with basic skin and nail treatments, as a team we strive to be the best we can be.

Podiatry is a rapidly changing speciality, and as a team of experienced health professionals we embrace the change, introducing new proven methods and techniques, as well as the latest technology in our practice. And, believe it or not, we also noticed that we can take better care of your feet just by having fun at what we do! So yes, we believe that passionate podiatry matters, and we look forward to helping you with sports injury management or any other type of podiatry service.