Are you ready for Winter Sports?

Suresh Sivacolundhublog


With summer coming to an end and school back in full swing it’s time for many of us to get back into a new season of our favourite winter sport (or sports!). Football, hockey and netball are all coming up, or maybe you’re looking forward to a cooler change in weather to start doing some long walks or runs.

We’ve got some handy hints to start you off on the right foot!

winter sports

Having the right type of shoes

Make sure you’re choosing the right shoe for your foot type, sport and playing conditions. Footy boots are one example of shoes designed with varying sole thickness, cleat alignment and outsole material depending on these factors. You also want to be sure that the shoe is correctly fitted to your foot - a running shoe which is too large may cause heel slippage, which can lead to blisters, or your foot to slide forward in the shoe and hit the toe box, potentially injuring your toes or nails. We can give you some great advice regarding an appropriate footwear prescription. We also recommend visiting a specialist store such as the Athlete’s Foot for your sports shoes- they will have a larger selection of shoes, as well as specially trained staff to make sure the shoe is suitable for your activities and properly fitted to your foot. Ask us if we have any discount vouchers handy at your next visit!

winter sports

Your Orthoses are in good condition

If you wear orthoses, it’s important to make sure they are in good condition before you get back into your sporting activities. Orthoses are designed to optimise your lower limb function and keep you pain free. If you haven’t had your orthoses checked for over a year, contact us to make an appointment for an orthotic review. 

As orthoses are often worn every day, wear and tear over a 12 month period can be excessive and mean that they are no longer providing adequate support for your feet and legs. Your podiatrist will check the condition of your orthoses and may recommend a refurbishment or replacement before the season starts.

Overuse injuries and the kids

If it’s the kids who are getting back into sports, parents and coaches need to be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of overuse injuries, especially if they are playing multiple sports. Of course physical activity is great for kids and should be encouraged, but overdoing it can cause lasting problems. The bones, ligaments and tendons in kids’ feet are not fully developed and can be damaged if they are stressed by hours of sporting activities. Remember, pain is never normal in a child’s foot or ankle and should be assessed and treated as quickly as possible. Common overuse injuries in kids may include: inflammation of the heel bone (Sever’s disease), Achilles tendonitis, knee pain (Osgood-Schlatter’s disease) or stress fractures. If your child is complaining of any pain in their feet or legs make them an appointment to be evaluated by one of our podiatrists.