We Fix Feet!

The Foot Clinic is very proud to be recognised as one

of the leading Family and Sports Podiatry practices in Perth.



We Fix Feet!

The Foot Clinic is very proud to be recognised as one

of Perth’s leading Family and Sports Podiatry practices.



"The greatest gifts in life are those we give to others"

The Foot Clinic offers complete podiatry services from our Perth clinic located in Cottesloe. Our podiatrists are trained in treating all foot related problems, for the entire family; from children, the elderly, athletes and sports enthusiasts, to diabetics and high risk feet, we can help!

Our Mission is to help you to enjoy a pain free, healthier and happier lifestyle from the feet up!

Our Sports Podiatrists in Perth provide specialised treatment for soft tissue injuries, sporting injuries and mechanical conditions of the foot and lower limb using specific exercises, footwear and customised/prescription orthoses.

We also provide general podiatry services at our Perth clinic, including skin and nail care, and specialised foot assessments for those who have diabetic or circulatory conditions.

Our podiatry clinic is conveniently located a short 20 minute outside Perth’s CBD in Cottesloe, and is close to public transport and amenities. Private Health Fund and Veteran Affairs rebates apply to our podiatry services. Doctor referrals are only necessary for Veteran Affairs clients and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plans (see your doctor to determine if you are eligible for this Medicare

Our Commitment is to provide you with outstanding quality Podiatry services in a friendly and caring manner. We are committed to continuous improvement of our levels of service through further education and advancement of our skills. Furthermore, we aim to exceed your expectations and give you value for money.

Ultimately, we wish to provide you with a positive and rewarding experience during your time spent with us at The Foot Clinic.

Our Services

General Foot Care

Our podiatrists of course tend to all the general foot health issues of our Perth clients, as well as our specialised treatment areas. Our general care includes toenails, corn and callous treatment, wart and other skin infection treatments, flat feet, childrens foot problems, bunions and toe deformities.

Orthotics in Perth

How Orthotic Shoes Can Help You!

For those of us who are on our feet all day, or just a part of the day, wearing custom orthotic shoes might improve the way our feet feel, especially after long bouts of standing. For people suffering with
foot injuries or discomfort or for those who tend to have foot ulceration, orthotics Perth might be the perfect solution to keep you comfortable when you are on your feet. For more information on our orthotics in Perth, see here.


more information

DVA Footwear Prescription

All of our podiatrists are registered Veterans’ Affairs medical grade footwear suppliers in Perth. We are happy to assess eligible Veterans who have problems wearing stock footwear for appropriate extra-width
or custom made footwear.

Diabetic Neurovascular Foot Assessment

People with diabetes need to be admitted to hospital because of complications to foot problems more than any other reason. Podiatry today aims at prevention of foot problems. We recommend that all our Perth clients who have been diagnosed with diabetes have thorough diabetic foot assessments every six to twelve months. These assessments include checks of blood flow and nerve supply to the feet so that we can identify any areas that may be at risk and help you to maintain your foot health through treatment and education.

Skin changes such as dryness, corns, callus, infection and poor healing may also occur more frequently in people with diabetes. To reduce the chance of any complications from these changes regular checkups are also advised.

Nail Surgery

If you are having severe or recurring problems with ingrown toenails
we may recommend that you be assessed for minor surgery.
The podiatry procedure is performed using a local anaesthetic
at our Perth clinic and any post-operative pain is usually easily
controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers. There are a
number of different techniques for removal of the offending part
or entire nail and the most appropriate will be decided between
you and the podiatrist carrying out the surgery.

Foot Manual Therapies

FMT is a ‘hands-on’ technique of foot and ankle joint mobilisation, used extensively by manipulative physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths for treatment of painful muscle and joint disorders. This method of treatment is based on the fact that everything works best when it is in the right place. FMT combined with orthotic therapy, footwear, stretching, strengthening and stabilising exercises helps to repair and maintain the complex musculoskeletal system within the foot and ankle.

While the treatment takes only a few minutes, the effects of FMT last initially for 48 to 72 hours. The effects last longer as the damaged tissue cells are replaced with new dynamically healthy cells. FMT is usually performed as a series of 2 sessions per week for six weeks, and then adjusted depending on whether more reparative work is required or simple maintenance.

Paediatric Assessment

Children can experience a range of foot problems which we are often able to help with. Gait analysis, growing pains, sporting injuries and ingrown toenails are just a few of the areas that our podiatrists are trained to deal with in regards to children’s health.

Biomechanical Assessment

If you experience muscle or joint pain, or a pain inside your foot, or simply want a postural checkup, we will book you in for a Biomechanical Assessment (also called a Foot Function Assessment).

If you have been scheduled for a Biomechanical Assessment please ensure that you bring with you:
– A pair of shorts or leggings. Your Podiatrist will need to see your knees and below.
– A well fitted shirt. Your podiatrist will need to assess your posture including spinal alignment and pelvic stability.
– Examples of your everyday and sports footwear, or those shoes which cause you problems.
– Any relevant X-rays or scans (feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, spine).
– Any other items you feel are relevant to your problem (eg. pre-existing orthoses).

Our Team

Dr Suresh Sivacolundhu

Podiatrist, Perth

Suresh’s career at The Foot Clinic started in 1995 in Australia’s Capital Territory with Paul Fleet, then President of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM), the National Sports Podiatry body responsible for sports podiatry education and for selecting the podiatry medical teams for elite sporting competitions.

Suresh’s expertise lies in the field of Sports Medicine and lower limb biomechanics and he has had extensive experience with treatment of elite athletes from the Australian Institute of Sport, the Academy of Sport, the Australian Wallabies, Canberra Raiders and the Canberra Kookaburras. He was also selected for the SOCOG Medical Team to provide podiatry services at the Sydney 2000 Paralympics, the 2000 ITU World Triathlon Championships and the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

For the last 10 years Suresh has been the Director and Senior Podiatrist for The Foot Clinic in Cottesloe, Perth. During this time he was also a Director of Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) and currently sits on the board as WA Trustee for AAPSM. He is also an external advisor to the University of Western Australia’s Podiatric Medicine Unit, and is at the moment road testing minimalist running shoes for optimised performance and injury prevention.

In his spare time Suresh enjoys keeping fit by running, going to the gym, playing tennis and running around after his very energetic little daughters Alana, Lauren, and little son James.

Dr Lauren Merritt

Podiatrist, Perth

Lauren completed her Bachelor of Science in Podiatry at Perth’s Curtin University. She is one of an elite group of podiatry students who have been inducted into the Vice-Chancellor’s List in recognition of excellent academic performance.

Laurens ambitious work ethics are matched by her enthusiasm for her chosen career. Lauren has significant experience in diabetic foot care and surgical podiatry, which she developed during her time in the hospital system at Royal Perth and Fremantle hospital. Her keen interest in sports injuries and advanced biomechanics led her to seek employment at The Foot Clinic, where she has been able to further develop her skills in these areas.

Outside of work hours Lauren enjoys her energetic life as a professional latin dancer. She choreographs and performs widely, and has undertaken further training in Brazil and Sydney.

Dr Aloysius Ong

Podiatrist, Perth

Dr Aloysius Ong graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine from the University of Western Australia’s School of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. He has worked in private practice both locally in the Great Southern Regions of Albany and Mt Barker, and internationally in his previous hometown of Singapore.

Aloysius joins The Foot Clinic team as a well-rounded clinical practitioner with a strong focus on Diabetes and General Podiatric Medicine. He is currently registered with AHPRA, and an active member of Podiatry WA and Sports Medicine Australia.

In his spare time Aloysius enjoys SCUBA diving and was the Vice President of the UWA Underwater Club.

Vicki Thomson

Front Office Administrator

With her extensive reception skills, nothing is too much trouble for Vicki, and she is always willing to assist with a big smile. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and she is a joy to have as part of our team.

In her spare time Vicki enjoys spending time with her family and friends and chardonnay.