Podiatry for Athletes: Get Ready To Run!

Suresh Sivacolundhublog

From your podiatrist team in Cottesloe, Perth.

Podiatry For Athletes: Taking Good Care Of Your Feet

Podiatry for athletes might be a bit of a scary title. Let’s say you can be categorised as an athlete, whether you are a sports professional or semi-pro, or just very serious about your workouts and sports. Getting injured, in your case, can have a big impact on the plans you were making and the games or events you were looking forward to. As experienced podiatrists with a particular expertise in Sports Medicine, we have helped dozens of elite athletes recover from injuries with adapted podiatry rehabilitation programs.

Here at The Foot Clinic Perth, you can tap into that expertise, knowing that we are committed to deliver excellence with enthusiasm and making sure you can get back to your sports as soon as possible. We’ll develop and implement a treatment program tailored specifically for you.

Posterior impingement syndrome

Feedback helps you recover faster

When you get injured, your focus is on recovery and safely returning to your sports. Your podiatrist is by your side to help you get there. For best results, it is essential to be able to track your progress so that your treatment and recovery program can be adjusted if necessary. You need clear and reliable professional information to plan your rehabilitation and your journey back to the playing field.

In delivering podiatry for athletes we have seen many times that high-frequency feedback makes a big difference. As you go back to doing sports, you want to stay on top of your progress. At the same time, you may find that being held accountable and receiving gentle but firm reminders about your rehabilitation program help you stay on track.  

Posterior impingement syndrome

Stay on Track with Physitrack

The protocol we use at The Foot Clinic Perth is Physitrack. It’s an integrated exercise program, built around over 900 exercise videos. It’s your guideline to follow the prescribed and personalised exercises as you go back to running or working out. And it’s also a system that tracks and records your data, so we can monitor, discuss and assess your progress together.

With many of our patients we have seen that compliance turned out to be the biggest challenge after a sports injury. Physitrack helps you keep a firm commitment to do the exercises and stay on track.

Podiatry for athletes is about a safe recovery, but it’s also about monitoring results and improvements.   That’s why we use the Physitrack app to store your information and the outcomes of your activities, in a secure and encrypted environment. At the same time the app on your phone or on the Physitrack platform will contain a personalised selection of exercise videos, and details about your diagnosis for your reference.

At The Foot Clinic Perth, we are very passionate about this. That’s because we enjoy integrating the newest innovative techniques, and helping you return to the fun and enjoyment you get from your sports. So if you’re looking to improve your performance, or you need ongoing support recovering from a sports injury, come and speak to us at The Foot Clinic, at Cottesloe Central.