Short Foot & Foot Posture Exercises

Suresh Sivacolundhublog

Foot posture exercises are one way to build better bodies from the feet up. Short foot is a particular exercise that will help you create more stability for other exercises, because you are training the intrinsic muscles in your plantar foot (abductor hallucis). This then creates a reflexive activation of the pelvic floor and deep hip muscles.
Whether you are an athlete or just doing foot posture exercises for overall fitness, this is a powerful exercise that will even influence the alignment of your hip!

posture exercises

Reasons to do foot posture exercises

Short foot and general foot posture exercises help you build strength in your glutes, hips and abdominals. This is what will give you body tension and stability - from your feet up! In our bodies, everything is connected, and your feet are the foundation to your overall posture. This foundation influences your balance, your glute engagement and your stability.

posture exercises

Short Foot in action

So, if you’re ready, this is what you can do to start “short footing”. First, stand on one foot, and evenly distribute your body weight over the plantar foot. Then, spread the digits. Make sure all toes are in touch with the ground.

Now focus on your big toe. Press the tip into the ground, and watch the arch of that foot increase, as the ball of your foot lifts from the ground. If your other digits are curling under, try to straighten them, and then re engage them.

Hold the short foot exercise for about 10 seconds and repeat this 5 times. Ideally you would do this at the beginning of any type of workout. Then, you can integrate it in exercises like squatting: short footing as you press out of your squat.

More foot posture exercises

At The Foot Clinic, we use a variety of foot posture and other exercises to build your body from the feet up. You may be doing some recreational sports, or you may have an athletic pathway. Whatever your level, we use a biomechanical assessment to assess your gait, and work on improving your posture so you avoid strains and unwanted pressure.

Then, we customise your exercise program and give you the tools to monitor your progress, so you can enjoy your sports even more. We fix feet. Call us and ask us about what we can do for your feet and your posture..