Unstable feet and what to do about them

Suresh Sivacolundhublog

How your podiatrist can help you get stable again.

What are unstable feet?

Unstable feet are often connected to foot pronation, which means that your ankle rolls inward or outward beyond what is considered a normal foot pronation.

unstable feet

Because of the flat arches or flat feet, you may experience a symptom we call unstable feet. The unstable feeling can also be caused by joint hypermobility: a condition that causes your joints to easily move beyond their normal range. At The Foot Clinic Perth, in Cottesloe Central, we can help you with unstable feet, so you can start experiencing a higher level of stability and strength. 

Getting stable feet: where do we start?

As your Perth family podiatry practice, we offer a wide range of podiatry techniques under one roof, including the latest technology. To treat unstable feet, we often start with FMT (Foot Mobilisation Therapy). Some patients like to call it “chiropractic for the feet”, and it consists of manual manipulations to reset the bony positions of your feet.

Once we have reset those position the mission is to hold everything in place. And this is where our amazing technology comes in. Power Plate Neural Stimulation is a treatment that supercharges the human proprioceptive balance system. Your podiatrist will set the frequency of the Power Plate to vibrate at 35Hz, which corresponds to the frequency of the small nerve fibres inside the fascia of your feet. As a result, your proprioceptive balance mechanism is stimulated, and this is what we want, so the body holds the bony positions we have adjusted using FMT.

unstable feet

How unstable feet become more stable

Patients with unstable feet who have received this type of treatment, tell us that their feet feel lighter, their arches higher, and they feel more stable with a better connection to the ground. As a team of experienced podiatrists, we are excited about building better bodies, from the feet up.

And giving you increased stability with a combination of foot mobilisation treatment, fascial releases and Power Plate, influences your entire biomechanical chain. It’s common to put excessive pressure on other joints like our knees and hips, when something is wrong with the positioning of our feet.

A whole range of podiatry services

At The Foot Clinic we offer a vast range of podiatry services. From basic skin and nail treatments to more advanced diabetic foot care and medical pedicure. From a biomechanical assessment to check and improve your pronation, to custom insoles and orthotics. And from footwear advice to advanced performance programs for athletes supported by apps and telehealth solutions.

The main reason why our patients or customers feel happy about how we fix their feet, is our relentless commitment to excellence and our enthusiasm. We have discovered something simple, during decades of work with athletes and with Perth families:  it helps that we love what we do. So if your feet feel a little bit unstable now, rest assured that we can give you that stability you are after. Come and see us at The Perth Foot Clinic, in Cottesloe Central, or start by giving our friendly team a call to discuss the happiness of your feet!