Wart Treatments

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Wart treatments are part of the general foot care services we offer at The Foot Clinic in Cottesloe. Plantar warts are actually caused by the HPV virus (Human Papilloma Virus), and they typically cause a painful spot of thickened skin on the sole of your foot. These plantar warts have a different appearance from the ones you would typically see on children’s elbows or knees. Warts are generally not a serious health concern, but they may cause some discomfort as you run or walk.

wart treatments

Types of wart treatments at The Foot Clinic

You may find that the over-the-counter wart treatments often fail in providing long term relief. If a warts occur at a deeper level of the skin, and are covered by callus, more advanced types of wart treatments may be required.

Warts are contagious so it is a good idea to treat them, even if they don’t hurt. If your warts start spreading, or if they cause pain, it’s recommended to come and see your podiatrist at The Foot Clinic as soon as possible.

Initial treatment may consist of cryotherapy or topical use of salicylic acid. In the latter case, you would be looking at multiple applications, done over the course of several visits. The mild acid slowly denatures infected viral cells, and healthy skin can then take over and replace those cells.

wart treatments

Wart treatments using cryotherapy

Other wart treatments may involve freezing warts, with a very cold solution. If the warts are formed at a deeper level, it may be required to combine cryotherapy with other treatments.

At The Foot Clinic we pride ourselves in looking at your overall “foot health”. Sometimes a small problem, like a wart, may influence your gait and the position of your feet. If left untreated, these small changes may even influence the function of your other joints and ligaments, and this may cause other problems down the track.

Other general foot care

Besides wart treatments The Foot Clinic can help you with corns and calluses, ingrown toenails and general foot care (including diabetic foot care). If you have any concerns, please contact us at The Foot Clinic in Cottesloe Central (Perth).